Core Values

Silaa Coffee’s vision is to support the sustainability of farmers’ livelihoods in the mountains of Thailand.

We want to do this by organically produce and process premium quality arabica coffee, support farmers and do direct trade with them.

In our business we hold the following core values:

Honesty & Trust

We find it very important that you can trust us, as well as the farmers we work with. That’s why we have chosen to do direct trade with the farmers. This means that we are honest with them, we give them a fair price and we buy a whole harvest. We do not just buy when the market price is low, but also when the prices are high and it is hard for them to sell the coffee.

Farmers can trust Silaa Coffee in the advice that we give, the connection that we build and the way we run our company.

So you can trust us in that we provide you with good quality.

Organic Farming

The soil in the mountainous regions of Thailand has been depleted over the last decades. Erosion, deforestation, pesticides use and drought are severe problems that farmers in this area face. Silaa Coffee only produces and buys organically produced coffee and that’s why we are a member of IFOAM.

We teach the farmers how to turn their waste into compost, how to use organic fertilizers and other organic practices.

Organic coffee contains no chemical fertilizers and is therefore better for you. However, equally important is the fact that it is so much healthier for the farmers and their land.

We believe that we need to take care of the land and through organic farming this can be achieved.

Direct Trade

Coffee is quite a big market in Thailand, but often farmers are left with only a small price for their coffee. That’s why we buy directly from the farmers that produce the coffee. There is no money used on the middle man. We also know where your coffee comes from and regularly check the quality and style of farming. This guarantees you that your coffee is the best quality and has a fair price.


We do not just produce coffee, we produce the best possible quality! We test our coffee regularly to make sure we’re keeping up with standards. We own our own computer controlled roasting machine so we can roast our coffee beans exactly the way we want it. Furthermore, we store our coffee in special ‘grain pro’ bags that lets out the CO2 and keeps the taste inside. All of this so we can give you the quality you deserve and nothing less!

Social Business

Silaa Coffee sells the coffee that is produced for a fair price, so the farmers (who have invested quite a bit!) get a fair price for their great product. Silaa Coffee’s purpose is to increase the farmers livelihoods, to make them resistant for challenges they might face in their lives.

We’re not in it for the big money, we live to serve others.